Shemale Hentai Story: "Gargantua"

Women do not have penises or testicles. These sex organs are specific to men. As the boy in Kindergarten Cop demonstrates, even young children are aware of this most fundamental fact of life. However, in the genre of erotic fantasy art known as futanari, hermaphroditic “dickgirls” defy nature’s dictum that boys will be boys and girls will be girls. The hybridization of the sexes is fascinating. However, futanari often goes well beyond the simple confusion of sex and gender, depicting other sexual aberrations such as multiple breasts, multiple penises, or oversize cocks and balls. I am a devotee of male-to-female transsexuals who opt to retain their male genitals while becoming, in every other way, feminine. The combination of tits, ass, penis, and testicles (and, sometimes, cunt) is, to me, a heady (yes, the pun is intended) mixture that never fails to thrill and please.

People can get used to anything, it seems, including the presence of a cock and a pair of balls where a cunt should be. (In some dickgirl art, the male genitals replace the female sex organs; in other such art, the vagina is retained, either within the scrotum, between the balls, or in the perineum. My preference is for its exclusion, rather than its relocation.) Seeing the same fantastic image over and over takes some of the mystery and incredibility out of it. Indeed, after viewing a few hundred (or thousand) dickgirls, one moves beyond a mere suspension of disbelief, readily accepting (if only imaginatively) the possibility of the existence of such fantastic creatures as a sort of third sex which is neither fully male nor completely female.

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Shemale Hentai Story: "Transgender Art A Sampler"

It’s not often that transgender art offers viewers a glimpse of a female-to-male transsexual. Usually, the transformation is in the other direction, with the loss of the vagina in favor of male genitals and the acquisition of female breasts. However, one image does reverse this trend, showing a female version of Star Wars’ Darth Vader, and, I must say, he–or she–is quite lovely, in a dark and sinister way. Complete with helmet, cape, gloves, and boots, and holding the character’s omnipresent light saber, the feminine version of the dark lord is otherwise naked, so that the viewer is treated to her bare breasts, abdomen, shaved cunt, and exposed thighs. Who can blame Luke Skywalker for undertaking a quest to find a father like her!

Transgender–or, more specifically, transsexual–art is a favorite of mine, although, the Vader character aside, I do prefer the male-to-female to the female-to-male transformations that such drawings, paintings, and (more rarely) sculptures typically depict. In the hope of turning on others to this splendid visual treat, I review a few pieces here.

One is not transsexual per se, but it got a rise out of me, nevertheless. It features a beautiful female nude, short of hair and well endowed of breast, straddling the gigantic cock that juts between her legs, from a gargantuan male groin. Astride the beautiful, circumcised erection, her back arched, she reaches her outstretched arms behind and above herself, to rest her palms against her mount’s firm, muscular abs. The effect is to make it appear that the monster cock is her own as well as her man’s, and the incongruity of her lovely female body and the enormous penis she rides is tremendously exciting.

PETA pets would have a connip Continue reading

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